The Kolesnikov family. In the universe of feelings

Exhibition October 10 − November 10, 2019
By the sixth anniversary of the Museum of Ukrainian Painting in the Dnieper, an exhibition of the Kolesnikovs family "In the universe of feelings". The exposition presents the works of father and son. Each of them has its own creative manner, favorite topics and energy.

Vladimir Kolesnikov Sr. (1951-2014) is one of the most striking artists of our time, who combined high professionalism, expression, and clarity of image in his works. Head of the Department of Drawing and Painting, Kiev National University of Technology and Design, Associate Professor, People's Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Vladimir Kolesnikov, Jr., in his paintings, combines easel and monumental and decorative art, these are not just paintings, but stained glass windows where he skillfully uses such means as line, color, light, which gives the work a unique author’s solution.