Caravan of Time

Exhibition October 25 − November 17, 2019
The Oryol Museum of Fine Arts invites Nikolai Rothko, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, to the exhibition of works by the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation"Caravan of Time".

The exhibition presents colorful paintings by the artist who made the color - an individual style, a means of transmitting the beauty and diversity of the world.

A huge selection of impressions received in life, the artist transfers to the canvas, composes and builds various versions, creates mysterious stories. Possessing a rich imagination, Rothko resorts to unexpected methods of constructing images, where the real world correlates with the world of his dreams or memories. The viewer will be interested not in the phenomenon itself, but in how the artist perceives it: what plays the main role on the canvas, and what is secondary, and how the essence of the image is expressed. He writes works using techniques of combined and fragmented vision of compositional rhythms, similarities and dissimilarities of objects.

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Galleries at the exhibition