10 years: signs and meanings

Exhibition November 7, 2019
In the Kiev gallery "ABC-art" is an exhibition "10 years: signs and meanings". By its decade, the gallery has gathered authors with whom it collaborates fruitfully. These are Peter Antip, Boris Buryak, Lubomir Medved, Olga Petrova, Peter Bevza, Ivan Marchuk, Anatoly Furlet, Alexander Serdyuk, Oleg Yasenev, Olga Kravchenko, Sergey Savchenko, Valery Shkarupa, Nikolai Zhuravel, Nina Denisova, Alexey Malykh, Andrey Gurenko, Feodosiy Gumenyuk, Natalya Yarovaya, Pyotr Sypnyak and many other artists.

Within the framework of the project, there will be a presentation of the album “Mikhail Pozhivanov Art Collection”, which represents the openness of the systematic view of a private collector on the Ukrainian art process.