"Exploring the surroundings"

Exhibition 14 − July 21, 2017
The exhibition represents the intermediate result of the work of the summer school Dukley. The educational program was based on the study of art history of the last 20-30 years, and the discussion of current artistic and research models of artist. Many models of recent art involve direct interaction of the artist with the urban environment and communities, acting as co-authors of works of art. Artists - students of the school were offered their models of relationships with the local community, which was reflected in the works made in the last two weeks at school. Some works require the active participation of residents, some passive, observer performance, some are the result of observations of life in the city.

The exhibition opens with a performance of Katy Granaway, which will take place at 18.00, and which can be seen from the shore near Dukley Art Center.

Take part in the exhibition:

Natalia Balabanova
Lyudmila Boronina
Alina Varlamov
Anastasia Georgievskaya
Kate Published
Olesya Lavrinenko
Elena Minaeva
Katia Platonova
Catherine Popovic
Anastasia Radchenko
Marina Skepner
Zoya Falkova
Christina Cyan


Alexander Zhuravlev
Galleries at the exhibition