An exhibition of icon painting by Roman Selivachev “The Window and the Eye of Eternity”

Exhibition November 20 − December 15, 2019
Portal 11 Gallery presents an exhibition of icon painting by Roman Selivachev “Window and Eye of Eternity”.
Roman Selivachev was born at. Kiev 1976.
Roman Selivachev's works are in private collections in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, and the Netherlands.
From time immemorial, humanity, consciously or unconsciously, seeks to affirm in time and perpetuate its existence. Hence the love of genealogy - in the Holy Scriptures whole chapters are devoted to it, admiration for the pyramids, ziggurats and all kinds of megaliths - menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs like Stonehenge, collecting antiquities.
By icon painting, we not only respect and worship the Savior, saints, but we also talk about longing and joyful expectation of a meeting, just as photography helps us to survive separation from those who are not with us. Iconography, to a certain extent, tries to scout, look, like through a window, through a portal, behind the curtains of the Terrible (and at the same time joyful for believers) court, encourages to contemplate events that will happen in the future, but have already become iconographic plots (The Last Judgment, Heavenly City).

The exhibition is on display from November 20 to December 15. 2019 at:
Kiev, st. Three Saints, 11
+38 (063) 397 34 57
facebook: galleryportal11
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