Ilya Repin and Mamontov Art Circle

Exhibition September 30 − December 25, 2019
An exhibition has opened in the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve"Ilya Repin in the Mamontov (Abramtsevo) art circle".

The exhibition exhibits 17 graphic works by I. Repin and one sculpture - a portrait of the surgeon N.I. Pirogov, on which the artist worked in 1881 in Khotkovo.

The exhibition substantially complements the main exposition of the Main Manor House, where other works by the artist are presented - portraits, sketches for famous paintings, a still-life (“Abramtsevo bouquet”) rare for Repin’s work, and genre sketches. Visitors will see portraits of the estate owners and their guests from 1878–1879: storyteller Vasily Shchegolenok, art critic Mstislav Prakhov, tutors of the Mamontov children - Jules Tanyon and Apollon Belopolsky, artist Rafail Levitsky. All of them were made at the so-called drawing evenings that flourished in Abramtsevo in the 1870s.

Based on site materialsMuseum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.