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Abramtsevo. 20th century art

Exhibition November 13 − December 29, 2019
The State Historical, Art and Literary Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo" invites you to the exhibition "Abramtsevo. Art of the XX century. "
Visitors will see the works of artists who left a bright mark in the history of Russian culture. They belonged to various creative groups (Jack of Diamonds, AHRR, OST), defined style trends - such as the “austere style” of the 1960s. One thing unites them - they are all connected with Abramtsev.
I. Mashkov, V. Mukhina, B. Ioganson, I. Grabar, Kukryniksy, D. Shmarinov, S. Chuikov, E. Maleina lived and worked in the Artists' Village, founded in 1934 near the estate, on the other side of the Vori River , A. Vasnetsov. Abramtsevo and the surrounding area depicted R. Falk, A. Osmerkin and many others on their canvases. The exhibition includes not only the works of artists, but also the objective world that surrounded them: two halls are the creative workshops of A. Shmarinov and the family of artists N. Andronov and N. Egorshina.

Prepared from the materials of the site of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve.