Gauguin. The alchemist

Exhibition October 11, 2017 − January 22, 2018
The Grand Palace in Paris announced an exhibition dedicated to Paul Gauguin, one of the major French artists of the XIX century, laid the Foundation for modern art.

Gauguin himself considered himself an unrecognized genius, lived in poverty, but, as it often happens, his work "When's the wedding?" – now one of the most expensive sold paintings. The brightest representative of post-impressionism, he dabbled in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and exhibition in Paris provides a unique opportunity to explore the artist's work from all sides.

Paul Gauguin traveled a lot, lived in different countries, but most of their not too happy lives spent on the Islands, trying to protect yourself from financial problems and city noise. In the paintings of the artist – beautiful swarthy women, bright colors and eternal summer.

Works for exhibition are taken from the private collection of the Grand Palace and also provided some of the world's museums.

Visitors will be able to learn more about the work of one of the most significant artists of the XIX century, the exhibition "Gauguin. The alchemist" from 11 October to 22 January.