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Church and secular art of the 16th - early 20th centuries

Exhibition January 3 − December 29, 2019
Museum and Exhibition Complex "New Jerusalem" invites to the exhibition"Church and secular art of the XVI - beginning of XX century".

The exposition is based on the works of Russian masters of the 16th – 20th centuries, including iconic objects of painting, icon painting, sculpture, furniture and arts and crafts from the museum's collection.

Visitors will see the works of A.K. Savrasov, I.K. Aivazovsky, M.N. Vorobyov and other iconic authors of the genre. A rich collection of portraits deserves special attention - the traditionally widely exhibited part of the museum's collection. Among all the painting genres in the XVIII - first half of the XIX century, it was the portrait that reflected the originality of Russian art of this period, associated with the ideals of the Enlightenment. The architecture of the exposition space makes it possible to trace the main stages of the development of the Russian portrait and evaluate the works of eminent masters such as F. S. Rokotov, V. L. Borovikovsky, N. I. Argunov, V. A. Tropinin, as well as works by unknown painters, creativity which forms the basis of the artistic phenomenon of the estate of Russian culture. In addition to secular art, the updated Art Gallery has a wide range of icons in terms of time and place of creation. The task of this thematic block is to talk about icons for various purposes, about the evolution of icon painting as art from the Middle Ages to the New Age.

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