Loose Nuts: The Story of Bert Hurley

Exhibition December 13, 2019 − April 19, 2020
Exhibition "Loose nuts"Introduces the work of Bert Hurley (1898–1955), a nearly unknown Kentucky African American artist. Hurley was born in Louisville and worked at the L & N Railroad city office for almost 40 years. In addition to his work at L & N Railroad, Hurley was known for Afro the American community as a talented artist and musician.He created holiday posters that decorated L & N elevators, graphics for WWII funds and painted decorations for meetings of African-American public organizations in the city.Hurley also painted portraits and made religious paintings and sculptures, most of which are lost today.

A book entitled “Loose Nuts: Rhapsody in Brown”, richly illustrated and hand-written by Hurley’s 125-page short story set in the West End in Louisville in the 1930s, will be presented at this exhibition.