Front portrait

Exhibition December 4, 2019 − January 20, 2020
In the Lviv National Gallery of Art named after B. G. Voznitsky is a project of Ukrainian artists "Front portrait". For many centuries, the images of prominent personalities, painters embodied in ceremonial portraits, which were representative images of people from the highest circle, emphasized their greatness, wealth, high social status.

The curatorial project of Yegor Antsygin and Vlad Kryshovsky involves rethinking the parade portrait in the context of a modern artistic context to study issues of publicity and solemnity, fame and reputation. Twenty Ukrainian artists, including Petr Bevza, Nikolai Zhuravel, Petr Lebedinets, Vladislav Shereshevsky, Andrey Tsoi and others, chose their characters - public figures of modern independent Ukraine. They depicted them in ceremonial portraits of 1.8 × 1.2 meters in size, and each interpreted the solemn image of his hero as he wished.