Zhanna Kadyrova | Perfomance V

Exhibition 2 − April 9, 2016
Performance is a form of contemporary art wherein the artwork is constituted by the action of an author or a group of authors, watched in real time by the viewers. Performance consists of four basic elements: time, space, the body of the artist and relations between the artist and the viewer.
The project has a form of a one to several days action.
Location: a cinema, a theater stage or an assembly hall of the local House of Culture. The artist installs portraits in the rows of spectator seats. The portraits are collected locally – from local museums, private collections, artists’ studios.
Portraits created during the mutual drawing workshop are also used. This workshop implies participation of the local population and is conducted by the author several days before the event. Visitors enter the hall one by one and are invited to rise on the lighted stage. The artist Thus reverses the relationship between the artwork and the viewer, proposing a new experience of perception. This substitution raises a question: is it the viewer watching the painting or the painting watching the viewer?
Galleries at the exhibition