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Vlad Yurashko | Literal sculpture

Exhibition 8 − May 15, 2016
Vlad Yurashko about his exhibition: "This series of Literal Sculptures is about the mimesis of violence, seen in the verbal form of the objects themselves, but it also points to the collective perception of violence as an object of museumification.
Based on my experience in the Soviet army I looked at how the language used to address ordinary people is formed and changed in today's world.
The appearance of some of these sculptures, sometimes made entirely of old and rotten wood, using a saw, screws and stencil, creates the impression of an absolutely rotten unreliable textual mechanism still infected with the Soviet virus, which can only serve to verbally humiliate, insult and inflict moral injuries, in order to subjugate the victim.
When I began working with these texts, I considered their meaning to refer to the totalitarian society, but as the project grew to completion, they appeared to reference capitalist society instead. It directly, and sometimes even cynically, presents and reveals itself in these verbal structures or 'literal sculpture"
Galleries at the exhibition