Polychrony. Practices of research of temporal modes of the present. Topos time

Exhibition December 5, 2019 − January 19, 2020
Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Triumph Gallery present a multi-part project“POLYCHRONY. PRACTICES OF STUDYING TEMPORAL MODES OF MODERNITY »in which foreign and Russian artists and art theorists take part. At the heart of the first part of the projectTOPOS OF TIMElies the assumption that the linear perception of time does not correspond to reality, and therefore the present is variable and is a complex combination of different time flows.

For the current exhibition, artists presented their works: Clement Val, Alexis Distop, Koken Ergun, Alexandra Navratil, Femke Herregaven, Liam Young and SCI-Arc masters 18/19 Showreel, Singular Research Agency (Stanislav Shuripa, Anna Titova), Dima Filippov, Stain (Alexandra Gavrilova and Sergey Titov).

Participants of the collective exhibition “TOPOS OF TIME”, which talks about the modern world through the relationship of time and space, turn to various cultural landscapes. The projects presented at the exhibition affect dramatic episodes of history, rethinking it, and seek to find ways to overcome social trauma, expand the horizons of collective memory, and develop new forms of relationships with the past and future.

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