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Ales Kochevnik | If tomorrow the war

Exhibition May 29 − June 5, 2016
Ales Kochevnik about her exhibition: "Painting should be useful. As a form of visual art, the products of which are created using paint, applied to some kind of surface. Painted works of art must have an additional function, a use. In a crisis situation when there is a shortage of some material or emotional substance, it is possible to apply a sewing pattern, and use it to make toys and clothes. At the same time pushing the boundaries of the painterly, which now becomes not only visual but also tactile, gaining a greater connection with the viewer or consumer. Having become more open, painting can transmit a static condition and a sense of temporal development, peace and emotional and spiritual saturation, immediate situations, the effects of motion, etc. Painting allows for expansion narrative and complex plots. This allows painting to vividly embody the visible phenomena of the real world, showing a broad picture of human life. But also to seek a revelation of the essence of historical processes, a person's inner world, to express abstract ideas. By virtue of its extensive ideological and artistic possibilities, painting is an important means of artistic reflection and interpretation of reality, it has a significant social content and a variety of ideological functions. But everyone has a choice: to cut or not to cut.
Galleries at the exhibition