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Exhibition October 24, 2019 − January 19, 2020

Nevillon Library

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center presents an exhibition project of Anna Narinsky and Alexander BrodskyThe Nevibilon Library.

The “Nevavilonskaya Library” is a monument to the library in the human, even domestic sense of the word. This is a library in which all books are selected, read and re-read, mourned and considered. This is a project again bringing together these components of what is for us a “book”. Its attractive objectivity is heaviness, shine / dullness, color of binding, rustling pages and their smell, the atmosphere of calm and enchantment that inevitably overtakes a person who finds himself in a room full of books. And, actually, the text.

The "Nevavilonskaya Library" is a thousand books - or rather, a thousand paper editions of books - that Anna Narinsky read and considers beautiful. There are fairy tales that she read to her in her childhood and which she later read to her children, poetry collections, great philosophical works, major world novels, cookbooks and comics; books from which human life is composed. Alexander Brodsky places these books in a shell, inside of which partly a mysterious atmosphere of a rabbit hole is created, where Carol's Alice fell (the hole was forced by bookcases), and partly reproduces the spirit of a small mobile rural library. Visitors can pick up books, leaf through, read, rearrange in their own order.

Based on site materialsJewish Museum and Tolerance Center.