Irina Alexandrova. Watercolor

Exhibition 24 − December 31, 2019
In the Kharkov gallery Vovatanya is an exhibition of watercolorsIrina Alexandrova. The exhibition presents 26 works by the artist, performed in the last period. The work has inherent features of a fairy-tale character, with literary overtones evoking the feeling of “a city from our dreams” - cozy, warm, bright, as if floating in the air. This synthetic image is “woven”, as it were, from the artist’s impressions, her travels to European countries, and various pictorial allusions.

The artist’s creative manner is sophisticated, combining exquisite linearity and decorativeness. The images are static, the idea of peace, perfect silence is inherent in all elements of the composition: color spots, lines, tonal background, coloristic restraint, where the fluidity of the watercolor corresponds to the nature of the image.