Duda Milivojević | Return to Unity

Exhibition 19 − June 16, 2016
Multimedial structure consists of stop-motion video forms composed of photos, drawings and digital collages, which just gives the sound starting point for the movement.
The first stop-motion video is titled "Light" (brightness), based on a recognizable urge for constant searching, for additional exit from the prenatal period to the end of life, in this form.
This tendency for constant light (exit) is also associated with a person's individuation and deification possible.
There is a strong contrast of light and darkness. Through video I use spot sound of Japanese drums which may represent a person's internal need for strong and light exit. Another video called "Echo" is also composed of a series of photos ,shown in black and white, negative Video presents ... inserts from the unconscious. Simultaneously in each of these videos , there is a dance, like a kind of dialogue with the video.This movement continues in a space through paintings and drawings belonging to the new structure now.
The starting point of my work was the principle of the Golden ratio — "The smaller part within the larger part is equal to, larger part within the greater whole".
It is our main principle of existing .
Formula "1 + 1 = 1"appears on the walls in the movies of Andrei Tarkovsky , which inspires me to think about the unity of everything.
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