Montenegrin artist in DEAC

Exhibition July 31 − August 7, 2016
In 2015 Dukley European Art Community signed an agreement with the Union of Artists of Montenegro for the free use of more than ten studios in Dukley Art Center for montenegrin artists, but on one condition, that during the Open Days (every Sunday from 16:00), they opened their doors to the visitors of Dukley Art Center. These workshops are occupied to this day by Montenegrin artists who are actively working in them. The exhibition presents the works of Montenegrin artists such as: Tanja Topuzoska, Saša Brnović, Mirsad the đurđević, Marica Kuznjecov Boljević, Đorđije Bato Boljević, Dušica Ivetić, Milodarka Milatović, Dubravka Milivojević and Đorđe Rašović.
Galleries at the exhibition