Ilmar Stutterer | Conversion

Exhibition 18 − September 15, 2016
Moscow photographer Ilmar who is well-known in Serbia thanks to his exhibitions there, presents his work in Montenegro for the first time. The exhibition Decomission [so nazyvaesh?] will open in Dukley Art Center, Kotor on September 18 at 17:00.
"Russian artist Ilmar''s story about the inhabitants of a closed city near Moscow is full of drama and nostalgia. Former experts in nuclear weaponry, live in an almost ghostly place on miserly salaries and pensions, years after the decommissioning of their plants." Milyana Kral, Vechernye Novosti (Evening News).
The exhibition consists of over 30 photographs, the result of several months’ work. Ilmar got the unique opportunity not only to experience the life of a secret military town, of which there were once hundreds, but also capture it in the first ever photo story of this kind in Russia or the USSR.
"All the secret military towns of the former USSR are similar in their organisation, but the people's lives, their fates are fundamentally different. Each life is priceless. These are strong people, working in or retired from the military, and their inner tragedy is reflected on their faces. And all of them, especially the older generation, are cut off from the outside world. "Ilmar
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