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Exhibition October 17, 2019 − March 1
6 days left
Guggenheim Foundation: from Van Gogh to Picasso
The extraordinary collection of Justin C. Tannhauser, donated in 1963 to the Guggenheim in New York and for the first time in Europe, is exhibited at the Royal Palace.

At the exhibition "Guggenheim Foundation: from Van Gogh to Picasso"represented about fifty masterpieces of the great masters of impressionism, post-impressionism and avant-garde of the early twentieth century, including Paul Cezanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Russo and Pablo Picot.

The exhibition talks about the extraordinary collection that Justin K. Tannhauser created over the years, and then donated in 1963 to the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation in New York.

1908, 100.5×80.3 cm
1891, 73×92 cm
All artworks at the exhibition
All artists at the exhibition