Faenza Ceramics Exhibition

Exhibition December 18, 2019 − February 22, 2020
The Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts of Sergei Andriyaka invites you to visitexhibition of ceramics from Faenza.

The exposition introduces samples of the work of masters from a small Italian city, where faience was invented, which became monuments of pottery.

Since the 16th century, faience shops from Faenza appeared throughout Europe, and the products were copied by European craftsmen. The works from Faenza had several characteristic features. For example, the vessels were painted only with decorative floral motifs, the image of “Persian flowers”, borrowed from the Spanish-Moorish majolica and in its own way rethought and processed, was especially popular. This pattern was written out very scrupulously and carefully, which is why the forms were small and fractional. This is characteristic of the entire Faenza painting. Large dishes with wide sides and elegant refined ornament on them are traditional. It is also worth noting the passion of Faenza masters to experiment with the forms of various vessels and dishes. The latter seldom had a regular round shape, often made a wavy edge or arched inwards. Immediately on the form itself, a relief was sometimes made, which was emphasized by ornament or filling the glaze.

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