Kazimir Malevich. Not just Black Square

Exhibition 11 − December 2, 1999
On VDNKH in Moscow (hall "worker and collective farm girl") on November 24 will open the exhibition "Kazimir Malevich. Not only Black square". The paintings for the project will provide the main museums of Russia, and the role of the curator will act as Aleksandra Shatskikh, one of the leading researchers of the Russian avant-garde.

Reformer of twentieth-century art, father of Suprematism, a talented artist... Creativity this man was many-sided, his paintings are innovative and interesting. Kazimir Malevich during his short life left behind a rich artistic heritage. Alas, people generally of all his works I only know about the "Black square", underestimating even the work.

The exhibition at ENEA aims to inform about the work of Malevich at all stages, from the early works of 1900-ies, futurist and Suprematist compositions and portraits of the 1930s, when the artist turned to figurative art.

In addition to the many creations of Kazimir Severinovich the exhibition will be available and documentary materials (letters, photographs, diaries). Visitors will thus be able to get acquainted with the personality of the artist, and therefore better understand his paintings. The exhibition will last till February 25, 2018.