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Point on my canvas

Exhibition April 20 − May 18, 2017
The name "Point on my canvas" not literally, it is only evidence of perception etched on the canvas of the multifaceted images of the world. The exhibition was built in a pulsing rhythm. In each painting I reflect the feelings and meaning that will fill the world around us.

In my work there are no ordinary things. Sometimes my art is on the verge of abstraction. But often, thoughts acquire a genre painting, becoming filled with life stories.

I'm trying to answer eternal questions. Thinking about the Universe, its unfathomable scale, you realize that everyday things and feelings – just a grain of sand in the desert, as our planet is only a minor point on my canvas. The world is spinning, regardless of whether you Wake up or not, open the door of your home or will remain, will find love or lose a loved one. The world lives with You and without You!

You just point on my canvas as I do on your. I want to use my creativity to share his Universe, which is simultaneously meaningful and meaningless to the point on my canvas.