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Exhibition January 31 − February 23
The Secret Life of a Carpet
Being part of folklore, the steady actions of fairy tale participants make up a semiotic integrity, which in turn facilitates an understanding of the process of recognizing an archetype, a historically rooted way of thinking through a fairy tale.
As a result, the Carpet-plane in fairy tales is a flight over reality, overcoming the plan of the real. A symbol of realization, projection, dream, pure intention, flow, pleasure from the process. In childhood, we do not perceive a fairy tale as something unusual. Reality at times seemed incomplete - but in a fairy tale everything is for real. Similar to how over time we convince ourselves of the reality of "reality", we adjust and eliminate part of the possibilities.

“I remember how, as a child, the patterns of a carpet hanging on a wall came to life under the fingers and formed into many plots and paintings. He was both a nanny and a bedtime story, and part of a culture that mimicked the interior of almost every apartment. ”

The project “The Secret Life of an Airplane Carpet” enlivens this connection with the world of childhood, when everything is possible, and the nature of thought is at the peak of the duality of its materialization.