Masterpieces of architectural drawings

Exhibition December 15, 2017 − March 11, 2018
Albertine Gallery in Vienna presents the exhibition "Masterpieces of architectural drawings".

From time immemorial, artists drew cities and villages, thus "documenting" the present and the past, imagining the future. Thanks to them, we can see with our own eyes how the famous buildings looked like 100, 200, 300 years ago, as well as learn about those buildings that have not survived to our days.

The exposition will feature about 120 works from Albertina's own collection, including paintings and sketches created by such masters as Albrecht Durer, Otto Wagner, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Adolf Loz, Theophil Hansen. Visitors will be able to study the architecture of different countries and periods - from late Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque and Classicism, from eclectic and modern to works of the interwar period.

Exhibition in Albertina- this is truly a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the very concept of architectural drawing, to look at the work of some famous artists from a completely new side, to learn more about many famous buildings.

The exposition will be available from December 15, 2017 until March 11, 2018.