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"The light and porcelain nature of women." The works of Konstantin, Marina and Alexandra Khudyakov in the OT RAX

Exhibition January 22 − February 16, 2020
Russian Academy of Arts (PAX) presents the project"The light and porcelain nature of women".

The exposition consists of works by a designer, painter, multimedia artist, Honored Artist of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, vice president and member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov, his wife, artist and designer Marina Leonidovna Khudyakova, as well as author's art dolls created by their daughter , member of the Association of puppeteers, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexandra Konstantinovna Khudyakova.

Having mastered the technological and aesthetic experience of twentieth-century dreamers in digital art, including in virtual and augmented reality, the authors of their new project “The Light Nature of Women” turn it into a weapon against the dominance of unprofessionalism in a multimedia space that generates total unpredictable permissiveness, turning into glaring vulgarity . Artists create their own and beat Carroll mirrors, extracting from them, characters, objects and plots reflexed from realities and artistically digitized. This new Digital Looking Glass reflects the concepts of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, possible and impossible, freedom and permissiveness, truth and falsehood in art, which are fanciful and wise by great life experience. Artists offer a spectacular project in which they arrange a clash between truth and falsehood in innovative art.

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