Jacek Malczewski. VIA EST VITA, VITA EST ARS

Exhibition January 24 − February 20, 2020
National Gallery of Art. Boris Voznitsky, the palace of Lozinsky present the exhibition of Jacek Malchevsky "VIA EST VITA, VITA EST ARS". The Lviv National Gallery of Art contains a significant collection of Malchevsky's works, which covers all periods of the artist's work. It consists of 68 paintings and sketches, 18 drawings and watercolors, most of which will be presented at the exhibition. Among them are many portraits of prominent figures of that time, friends, sisters and wives, self-portraits and graphic works, which are rarely shown.

Jacek Malczewski (1854 - 1929) is a symbolist artist, one of the most famous representatives of Polish art from the beginning of the 20th century. He studied in Paris and Krakow, where among his teachers was Jan Matejko. Often traveled to Europe, but was inspired mainly by themes from Polish folklore and literature, and boldly interpreted mythological and biblical subjects. The work of the author is considered one of the most outstanding phenomena of modern Polish art.