Portrait of the artist: Käthe Kollwitz

Exhibition September 13 − November 26, 2017
Gallery "ikon" in Birminghamtogether with The British Museum presents an exhibition of the works of German artist Käthe Kollwitz, who was one of the leading masters of the late XIX-early XX century. The main feature of her works – prints, paintings, and later sculpture – the incredible emotional intensity. Art was an indispensable and important part of the life of Käthe Kollwitz. The artist said that "but it always stimulates, rejuvenates, captivates and satisfies".

Works in the exhibition are United by three main themes: social and political protests, self-portraits and images of suffering mothers with children (in some measure autobiographical, these paintings reflect the feelings of most of Berlin after the death of the youngest son in 1914).

40 works for the exhibition will provide the British Museum, where they were due to Campbell Dodgson. He acquired the works of Kaethe Kollwitz shortly before the First world war. It is noteworthy that since the works of German artist rarely exhibited all together, so the exhibition in the Gallery "icon" promises to be truly unique.

Exposure will be available from 13 September until 26 November 2017.