ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein in focus

Exhibition September 22, 2017 − June 17, 2018
Tate Gallery in Liverpoolhas announced an exhibition of works by Roy Lichtenstein, one of the leading pop art artists.

The name of this man first sounded loudly in 1960: he became famous, creating pictures based on comics, images from advertising. The artist took the ideas of other authors, not hiding this, which led to a lot of scandals. However, he not only copied, but changed many details, simplified the color scale, carefully processed and adjusted everything in his own way, which in the end often outperformed the originals.

In the exposition, visitors will be able to see the paintings provided The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation especially for ARTIST ROOMS- a collection of works of several dozens of leading contemporary artists from around the world. "Tours" of the collection help people to participate in creative projects, learn more about art and get new interesting skills. Since 2009, about 40 million people in 75 museums and galleries have visited 150 expositions organized by "ARTIST ROOMS".

More than 20 works at the exhibition "Roy Lichtenstein in focus", which will last from September 22, 2017 to June 17, 2018, will help to understand the creative manner of pop art master. It is noteworthy that within the exposition the display will show a three-screen installation, the only work-film of the artist.