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"Red star over Russia": the revolution in visual culture

Exhibition November 8, 2017 − February 18, 2018
2017 marks the centenary of the October revolution. In the distant 1917, the Bolsheviks, ending the centuries-old tsarist period, entrenched in power. It was the beginning of the era of global social and political changes, of great expectations and of smaller tragedies.

With the advent of the new government the revolution took place in art, which has acquired a truly mass character. Propaganda leaflets, banners, posters were designed to spread the ideas of communism and to encourage people to work in the name of "World revolution."

Tate Modernpresents the exhibition "Red star over Russia" that will give learn and – this is important – to feel the events of the revolution, the subsequent civil war, Stalin terror... Artists and photographers whose work will show in the exhibition, documented the reality of the first half of the twentieth century, "preserved" moods and emotions of people at that time.

The core of the exhibition will provide a rare propaganda posters, paintings and photographs of the 1905-1955 years of large-scale collection David king acquired by the Tate Gallery in 2016. The exhibition will be available from 8 November until 18 February.