Hundertwasser - Schiele

Exhibition February 21 − August 31, 2020
Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000) formed 20th-century art outside Austria as an artist, residential designer, and pioneer of the environmental movement.

At the age of 20, when he was a student at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, the artist discovered Vienna Modernism through exhibitions and books.

Hundertwasser honed his drawing skills by studying Schiele's drawings, successfully propagated Schiele art among his fellow artists in Paris, and in 1965 named one of his works “622 Mourning Egon Schiele”.

Hundertwasser's poetic text, “I Love Schiele,” written in 1951, illustrates the degree to which he related to the artist: “I often dream, like Schiele, my father, about red flowers, birds, flying fish and gardens in velvet and emerald “green and human beings that cry in red-yellow and blue-blue tones.”

Exhibition "Hundertwasser - Schiele"- the dialogue between these iconic artists - has about 170 exhibits. Covering the central motives and themes in the work of both artists, such as the animated nature and the relationship between man and society, the exhibition shows analogies in their work that go beyond formal similarities.