Photoproject of Andrei Pavlyuk “Precious Moment”

Exhibition 5 − March 24, 2020
Portal 11 Gallery presents Andrei Pavlyuk's photo project Precious Moment.
Andrey Pavlyuk was born in Kiev in 1976.
By education - television director. Films short fiction, commercials and documentaries.
Since his student days, Andrei Pavlyuk has been fond of photography, has photo projects about countries of the world and Ukraine.
Over the past five years, he experimented with ancient photography techniques: ambrotype, cyanotype, silver gelatin printing.
Andrey Pavlyuk’s photoart is a series of copyrighted photographs on glass, printed and decorated by hand using the oroton technique with gold leaf and silver. This technique gives plots of nobility and extreme decorativeness, emphasizes the beauty of form with a valuable texture.
Youth ... Beauty ... Love ... Short, but such valuable moments of our lives!
The transience is immortalized, which tells us that every moment is valuable.
The exhibition has been exhibiting since 05.03. 2020 to 24.03. 2020 at:
Kiev, st. Three Saints, 11
+38 (063) 397 34 57
facebook: galleryportal11
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