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Otto van Veen. Amor ist ewig

Exhibition February 14 − May 24, 2020
At the exhibition "Amor ist ewig»Presents the cupids of the teacher Rubens - Otto van Weyen. His book Amorum Emblemata (love emblems), published in 1608, mixes Van Weyhn's copper engravings with suitable quotes from ancient authors such as Ovid, and in a funny and witty way talks about the bold god of love and his good mood.

Otto van Veen in his completely different emblems depicts a multilayer cupid, which represents love in all its aspects. So she is not only inspired, happy and euphoric, but also insidious, sick and full of megalomania. Van Veen's love emblems were especially popular among Baroque youth. The artist playfully introduced his young readers to the power and grace of love.

In addition to van Weyne's emblems, the exhibition also features images of cupids by selected Baroque artists such as Hendrick Goltzius or Hans von Aachen.