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Exhibition May 15 − September 13
Longing for death and decline. Belgian Symbolism
The Old National Gallery in Berlin presents the exhibition "Longing for death and decline. Belgian Symbolism".

A lustful glance into the abyss, an exaggerated aestheticism of a supersaturated society, which at the same time believed that it was in crisis, the painful attraction between Thanatos and Eros - these are subject areas in art that were especially expressed in Belgian symbolism at the end of the 19th century.

Against the development of the superficial stimulus of naturalism and impressionism in the 1880s, a new artistic movement appeared, which is characterized by sensuality, magic, deep significance, as well as irrationality. Symbolism already contains an artistic anticipation of Freud's interpretation of the dream, whose study of the same name was published in 1899.

Artists at the exhibition: Fernand Knopf, Jean Delville, James Ensor, Georges Minne, Arnold Böcklin and others.

Artworks at the exhibition

1880, 150×80 cm
1896, 50.5×151 cm
1900, 268×150 cm
1896, 37.3×45.3 cm
All artworks at the exhibition

Artists at the exhibition

All artists at the exhibition