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Exhibition February 22 − April 19
The work of Peter Karlovich Klodt. By the end of the restoration
The State Hermitage Museum holds an exhibition in the halls of the Eastern Gallery of the Winter Palace“The work of Peter Karlovich Klodt. To the completion of the restoration ".

The exposition presents the works of Peter Karlovich Klodt von Jurgensburg (1805-1867) from the museum's collection. The exhibition also exhibits a posthumous mask taken by the master from the head of the late Emperor Nicholas I; lithographsVasily Timm- “A visit by Emperor Alexander II to Klodt’s workshop while performing a monument to Emperor Nicholas I” (1857), “Five images dedicated to the monument to Nicholas I in St. Petersburg: portraits of sculptors who participated in the construction of the monument: N.A. Ramazanov; Baron P.K. Klodt von Jurgensburg; R. Zeleman; bas-reliefs adorning the monument: Nicholas I on Sennaya Square in St. Petersburg during the cholera of 1831; Nicholas I transfers the heir to the Life Guard to the Engineer Battalion in the courtyard of the Winter Palace on December 14, 1825 ”(1859).

Peter Karlovich Klodt von Jurgensburg (1805-1867) - one of the founders of the animalistic genre in Russian sculpture, the largest master of monumental animalistic sculpture in Russia in the first half of the 19th century, Academician and Emeritus Professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts. The first major work of the young master was a monumental sculptural group of six horses harnessed to the chariot of Glory for the design of the archNarva Triumphal Gatein St. Petersburg. Klodt was brought European fame by the ensemble of “Tamers of horses” of four sculptural groups for the Anichkov Bridge in St. Petersburg.

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