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Exhibition November 24, 2019 − June 1
Impressionism in Leipzig 1900–1914
"Impressionism in Leipzig 1900–1914"- an exhibition dedicated to three representatives of German impressionism: Max Lieberman, Max Slefogt and Lovis Corint.

Leipzig was an important center of Impressionist art - at least from the point of view of the leading galleries in the German Empire: Ernst Arnold in Dresden and Paul Cassirer in Berlin.

The extent to which Lieberman, Slevogt or Corinth were impressionist painters or pioneers of the modern era is not the subject of an exhibition. Based on these reconstructed exhibitions, historical sections are laid out, the coverage of which varies from news from the fields of politics, business, sports, crime to weather forecasts. Compared to today, there were definitely more daily newspapers, publishers and large entrepreneurs in Leipzig, undoubtedly a wider selection of theaters, variety shows, dances and concerts, at least as many restaurants, cafes and hotels. But also a large number of suicides, fatal accidents and industrial accidents, as well as rape and other crimes.

Against this broad socio-historical background, paintings by Lieberman, Slevogt and Corinth appear, which were once sold in Leipzig.

"Impressionism in Leipzig 1900-1914" years is divided into three parts and provides for an exhibition for each artist lasting three months, while the terms are intentionally intersected.

Artists at the exhibition

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