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Poster. 200 years of art and history

Exhibition February 28 − September 20, 2020
Exhibition "Poster. 200 years of art and history", which presents about 400 exhibits of about 200 artists and designers, offers an extensive representative overview of the history of the poster from its inception at the beginning of the 19th century to the present day.

Art and history, design and advertising are found in this medium. Posters accompany political events, as well as the history of cinema and theater. They document social events as well as reflect changing artistic styles. The posters feature portraits of politicians and concert posters of musicians, manufacturers advertise new products, and the tourism industry - the most beautiful places.

There is no other genre of art that pervades our everyday life to such an extent. The famous Polish artist Jan Lenica said in 1966: “The poster certainly has a function, it has a mission, and it must pay tribute to this responsibility. But its meaning is not that it should be transferred, but that he must say. "

And good posters send a tiered message that goes beyond simple advertising to communicate time, design and history, fashion or taste.