Tatyana Nazarenko. Future in the past

Exhibition February 21 − April 5, 2020
Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a personal exhibition of Tatyana Nazarenko"The future is in the past".

The basis of the exhibition was Nazarenko’s paintings of the 2000-2010s, in which she continues uncompromisingly to study the “difficult” topics that are important for her entire creative biography: inescapable loneliness, helplessness in front of the forces of history, the burden of traumatic memory, and the lack of genuine understanding between the people involved swirl of social masquerade.

Among the works presented at the exhibition (some works are shown for the first time) are extremely sharp images of war filled with drama and anxiety, multi-figured scenes of everyday feasts, phantasmagoric “red” paintings, which in their own way outplay the archetypal plot of women's power, non-canonical biblical compositions, and extensive cycle "Family portrait". Combining painting, graphics and objects dedicated to the restoration of the lost family memory, he especially occupies the artist recently. The exhibition is complemented by the famous plywood blender figures from the Transition project of the mid-1990s. and installations.

Significant works of the late 1970s - 2000s are presented as special “inclusions”. from the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (“Decembrists. Rise of the Chernigov Regiment”, “Workshop” and “Pugachev”) and the State Russian Museum (polyptych “Family”).

Tatyana Nazarenko (born 1944) is a national artist of the Russian Federation, an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, one of the most striking and significant, without exaggeration, legendary figures in late Soviet and modern Russian art.

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