Anthropology. Reflections in space

Exhibition March 14 − May 10, 2020
Gallery "On Kashirka" Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" presents the exhibition"Anthropology. Reflections in space ".

On display are sculptures and drawings by Alexander Vorokhob, Fedor Vorobyov and Olga Khan.

Three sculptors represent a young but mature generation, brought up in the classical academic spirit, but at the same time developing their own recognizable style. Their work is characterized by a minimalistic form, reduced to the level of a sign, conveying the clarity expressed in the monumental volume of thought. The exposition is presented as part of a large exhibition cycle, where each of the authors forms their own creative space. Three views on man and problems of a philosophical nature, the construction of three models within the author’s version of the interpretation of image and meaning form an exhibition. It acquires the character of a creative laboratory, in which research becomes the main way of perception, as opposed to contemplation more familiar to the field of art. Experimenting with form and color, with the relationship of form and space, the authors of the works provide the viewer with the opportunity to engage in semantic dialogue.

Prepared from the gallery website"On Kashirka".