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80s girls

Exhibition March 6 − May 26, 2020
Yeltsin Center presents an exhibition project"Girls of the 80s"dedicated to International Women's Day.

The exposition was composed of black and white photographs depicting female images of the era of change, surrounded by art objects and texts about this time. Visitors will be able to see about 60 works of eighteen prominent representatives of Soviet photography of the 80s from the official press and underground culture, as well as read small excerpts from the books of Vladimir Sorokin, Pavel Pepperstein and Boris Minaev, who, together with photographer Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno, oversaw the exhibition.

The exhibition presents the works of Andrei Bezukladnikov, Sergey Borisov, Vladimir Vyatkin, Mikola Gnisyuk, Alexander Gushchin, Mikhail Kitaev, Igor Stomakhin, Yuri Feklistov, Vladimir Yakubov and other famous photographers; as well as two art objects that were made based on these photos.

According to Dina Sorokina, who heads the Boris Yeltsin Museum, the idea of the exhibition was born after Minaev’s book “Cowboy Marlboro, or Girls of the 80s” was published in 2018, and the writer admitted that the exposition grew from the page created in the wake of the book in Facebook, where photos, movie posters, magazine covers, personal albums and notes began to gather.

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