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John Piper contemporary art in Britain

Exhibition November 17, 2017 − March 18, 2018
Tate Liverpool presents the exhibition of works by John Piper, one of the key British artists of the twentieth century.

This is the first time when the exhibition will examine the importance of creativity John Piper to the development of contemporary art in the UK. "The impact of this artist was not lower than those of Picasso and Calder!" - say the organizers.

The exhibition at Tate Liverpool will highlight the transition of the artist from the true picture of the reality to the abstraction that began after meeting with the Paris creators Jean ACOM and George Braque. The Central object of the exhibition will be "Beach starfish" – a work at the crossroads of two styles: the familiar and absolutely real coastal terrain Pieper under the influence of cubism recreated in the form of paper collage.

The exhibition will spend at Tate Liverpool for a reason, because creativity Piper was closely associated with the North-Western part of the country. The artist, known primarily for his impressive and romantic scenery of his native land, worked in different techniques. In particular Mitropolsky magnificent stained glass Windows of the Cathedral in Liverpool – his handiwork.

Piper loved and deeply understood the art of the past that influenced his work. And that's why in the exhibition side by side with the works of Piper and his contemporaries (Alexander Calder and Jean Elliot) you will see the stained glass Windows and even examples of Anglo-Saxon stone carving.

Exhibition will last from November 17, 2017 March 18, 2018.