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Renoir and friends

Exhibition 7 − October 8, 2017
"Luncheon of the boating party" is one of the most famous and iconic paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir, a fine example of plein-air painting. The exhibition "Renoir and friends" held The Phillips collection in Washington– the first large-scale exhibition dedicated to this work.

The gallery presents more than 40 works from public and private collections from around the world. Paintings, prints, pastels, drawings and photographs are given to get acquainted with the work of the famous painter, to learn what has formed his artistic style. Visitors can explore the relationship of film with other artists (including Manet and Caillebotte), tracing the complex evolution of his most famous works.

The painting "luncheon of the boating party", purchased in 1923 by Duncan Phillips (founder of the Museum) for the fabulous for the time the amount is still the pride of the Museum. Though Renoir depicted the event likely never happened, the people were real, all right. This chariot of Alina, wife of the painter, and the painter Gustave Caillebotte, a friend of his, Charles Ephrussi, patron, art historian and art critic. Each is depicted on the canvas people have played an important role in the life and work of French impressionist.

The exhibition runs from 7 October 2017 to 7 January 2018.