Weightless world of Marc Chagall

Exhibition September 16, 2017 − February 26, 2018
Marc Chagall – the man who knew how to overcome the force of gravity. The artist has turned the universe upside down, stunned with the ability to make the ordinary magical. His works are characterized by a variety of human, animal and fairy-hybrid images of gravity-defying. Whether soaring above the roofs of the houses, still standing on the ground, but rising high into the air, or maybe just thinking about the flight – all of them can be found in Chagall.

National Museum Marc Chagall in nicerepresents the exhibition "Weightless world of Marc Chagall". The ubiquitous "angels" of the artist takes pride of place in the exhibition. Sometimes in the paintings they are sensual expressions of God himself, but more often by messengers. The expressiveness of their features and gestures often sets the tone for the entire image. Many of the "angels artists" are self-portrait: the painter – envoy, his job was a source of peace and hope.

In the works of Chagall combined seemed incompatible. Based on his pantheistic approach to the world, the artist "collected" living beings of different natural environments (whether it be sea, land or sky) in one place. What classification of types, when they all share a common theme of life?

A mixture of love, earthly and mystical at the same time, magic and a loss to reality – all this can be found at the exhibition, which runs from September 16 to 26, 2017 to February 2018.