online exhibition "Accommodation"

Exhibition June 18 − July 28, 2020
Avangarden opens an online exhibition about life during quarantine.

Ukrainian artist Darina Mo Mot in the project "Accommodation" explores the transformation of the usual life order due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A series of works was created every day during the lockdown. This is the documentation of collective conditions experienced during the pandemic: from careless doing nothing through sadness and inertia to taking this turning point with the realization of one’s own balance with the world.

Instead of the traditional gallery space, the exposition space was the apartment where the work was created. Every day from 24/7 you can go in without a call and stay there as long as you like, no one will drive you away. You have the opportunity to understand and rethink everything that happened, looking at it from the outside. Yes, and just, finally, to go on a visit.

The Accommodation project captures an extremely unique moment in history - the time of restart and revaluation of values. Now you can return there when it seems that the coast is lost.

You can visit and see the exposition from June 18, 2020 on the project website

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