Leon Spilliart (1881-1946). Light and loneliness

Exhibition October 13, 2020 − January 10, 2021
The Musee d'Orsay organizes the exhibition Leon Spilliart (1881-1946). Light and loneliness. "
The exposition will comprise the work of the largest symbolist artist, created in the years 1900-1919 - the most vivid and fruitful period in the work of the author.
This is the first in France in 40 years the largest exhibition of works by Leon Spilliart. The artist was inspired by the work of Odilon Redon and James Ensor, the works of Emil Verheren and Maurice Meterlink. His bewitching heroes and landscapes went beyond the classical symbolism of the early XX century, creating the metaphysical symbolism of the “inner night” of the Belgian artist.

Prepared from the materials of the site of the Museum d'Orsay.