This is surrealism!

Exhibition May 28 − September 27, 2020
The Boymans van Böningen Museum holds an exhibition“This is surrealism!”.

The exposition will comprise more than 150 works from the world-famous collection of surreal art, including canvases by Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Juan Miró, Max Ernst and other artists.

French critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire coined the term “surrealism” in 1917 to describe something that exists beyond reality. A little later this term was adopted.Andre Bretonwho launched a surrealist movement with a manifesto in 1924. In the following years, surrealism underwent various changes: initially it was a literary movement, but soon artists-artists began to experiment with surreal methods: automatic writing and using the factor of chance. Ten years after the "founding" of surrealism, Breton gave a lecture on this transition entitled "What is surrealism?", Which was published as a brochure in the same year. It was this issue that inspired the organizers to create this exhibition.

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