Art is long, life is short

Exhibition June 26 − December 30, 2020
Rijksmuseum Twensee holds a new exhibition“Art is long, life is short”.

Each of the nine artists and sculptors prepared their own theme room for the exhibition, among the authors - Bart Hess, L. A. Raven, Berend Strick, Philip Vermeilen, Anna Wenzel, Peter Zegveld, Karin Arink (in collaboration with Rene Cool), Armando, and also thematically selected paintings and sculptures of the last three centuries from the museum's collection.

The exhibition is a concept of human life in nine episodes. The authors illustrate the duality and emotional inconsistency of the human soul: desire and denial, need and control, mystery and its loss, play and restraint, communication and freedom, willpower and inability, control and letting go, fidelity and infidelity, and, finally, Memento Mori ...

Based on site materialsRijksmuseum Twensee.