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Matvey Weisberg. Inside

Exhibition October 20 − November 20, 2017

AT Museum of Modern Art of Odessa is a large-scale exhibition of the Kiev citizen Matvey Vaysberg «Inside». The artist presents the viewer interpretation of biblical stories, referring to the paintings of old masters and using his own artistic language.

"Among eternity and spontaneity a" man "arises. His curse for the pursuit of knowledge becomes the burden of the formation of his temporary and in this absurd being. In the face of the order of the universal space, we, people, become unbearably small and pathetic in our limbs. Here, in an indecisive and questionable opposition to the sacred, art is born that can transform the thought of the horror of existence into a desire for liberation from the inconvenient " - said in a press release on the exhibition Weisberg "Inside".

Matvey Weisberg - artist, graphic artist, book illustrator; graduated from the department of book graphics of the Polygraphic Institute. On his account more than two dozen solo exhibitions, and in the book illustration, Weisberg created drawings for books by Sholom Aleichem, Babel, Dostoevsky, Roth, Jung. Growing up in the family of a father chess player and art mum, Weisberg calls his art the "Kiev rear guard" and quite seriously argues that artists change the course of history.

Well, perhaps, a hundred years later, in his canvases, the viewer will try to see the answer to the riddle given by the plots. And everyone will have this answer.