Nicolas de Stael

Exhibition July 23 − November 8, 2020
Museum of Contemporary Art "Center Pompidou, Malaga" holds an exhibition"Nicolas de Stael".

For the first time, the Pompidou Center will unite in one exhibition all the works of Nicolas de Stael from the museum's collection and illustrate the magnificent talent of one of the most significant artists of the 20th century.

Born in 1914 in St. Petersburg, trained in Belgium and settled in France since 1938, Steel was first exhibited in Paris in 1944. His work at the time reflected austere and dark abstraction. Little by little, light penetrated his composition, as did the color - with an almost incandescent intensity. Steel's works have taken on more voluminous and imaginative forms since 1952, but the author did not abandon the artistic techniques and preferences of the previous periods. This attempt at pictorial synthesis meets the search for truth and absolute in dialogue with other arts, poetry and music.

Based on the materials of the museum"Center Pompidou, Malaga".

Galleries at the exhibition